Anusch Alawerdian

Anusch Alawerdian was born into a creative and artistic Armenian family. From an early age her mother realized that Anusch showed a lot of interest in dance and music and introduced her into the word of ballet.By the age of five Anusch was dancing with a Folk-dancing group called “Arevik” which she went on to name her dance school after.

Her passion for dancing did not stay with Folk-dancing but went on to encompass Jazz and other modern dance techniques. She participated in many workshops and courses led by well known dancers.

At the age of seventeen Anusch was introduced to the world of Oriental Dance and just like a middle-eastern princess embarked on a journey through 1001 countries to specialize in this intricate dance.

Today Anusch is an internationally acclaimed oriental dance performer, instructor & choreographer based in The Netherlands.  Her lifelong romance with dance radiates in her magnificent shows, enchanting audiences in many parts of the world and rewarding her with thunderous applause. 

For the past 10 years, Anusch has been giving spectacular performances throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the USA. She has dance and rhythm in every vain and her happy heart is reflected in her radiating dance, captivating audiences with her sensitive and musical approach of Bellydance.  
In the last 2 years, the United Arab Emirates has been her home where she dazzled the stages of the best 5 star hotels in the region, such as Al Diar Siji hotel (Al Fujaira), Fairmont Hotel, Intercontinental, Hilton Hotel, Wafi Dubai(Baladna), Al Awtar(RAK), El Meridien Hotel(Abu Dhabi), Gulf Hotel (Bahrain) and many others. And sinds 2012, she is the daily bellydance face of the Arabian Nights Village of Abu Dhabi.

Before enchanting the Middle East with her superb performances, Anusch worked in The Netherlands.  She opened her own oriental dance school “Arevik” in 2002 and taught and inspired hundreds of students while also performing in a significant number of her own dance productions. She has trained a team of highly-qualified assistants who run the school when she is performing abroad.

Besides being a dynamic and creative teacher, Anusch is energetic and powerful yet at the same time she is a very sensual, playful and elegant dancer. Her stage presence is dazzling and carries the audience into a magical dream world of dance and music. She also performs with her Showgroup "Mirage" at a wide variety of events throughout The Netherlands and Internationally. She founded Showgroup "Mirage" in 2004 that has since grown into a professional dance company with talented dancers. Their shows are always received with great enthusiasm.

One of her greatest passions is organizing big festivals, bringing together an array of  multi-cultural dance talents, creating magical evenings in sold-out theatres. Anusch has also choreographed and produced many dance shows herself.  
One of Anusch’s major annual events is the “Oriental Lounge”: an International Bellydance Festival that offers a wide variety of dance shows and musical flavours with a high dose of creativity and glamour.  The Oriental Lounge has always been hugely successful, entertaining young and old and has drawn full theatres around The Netherlands. 
Anusch has now taken her orgazational skills to a higher level by organizing the 2011 International Summer Bellydance Festival. This three-day event with so many participants flying in from different parts of the world has a packed program with dancing competitions, workshops, open stage performances, an elegant closing gala  and requires exceptional organizational talents to put it all together… and Anusch can do it!  Participants come from different parts of the world and are all of an exceptional level. 

With her extensive repertoire, Anusch frequently conducts workshops in different parts of the world and performs in theatres, on TV-shows, at parties, major festivals and prestigious events.
Through her passion for dance and music, Anusch continues to be inspired - “I couldn’t imagine a single day without dance and music!”  she is a true Bellydance Sensation!

see for more Anusch's archive agenda...
October 2012              - Ya Salam Festival Brussels (Belgium)
October 2012              - Asia Belly Dance Festival Beijing (China)
August 2012               - Summer Bellydance Festival (NL)
May 2012                    - International Oriental Dance Congress (Italy)
May 2012                    - Orient Express Festival (Austria)
March - April 2012       - Gulf Hotel, Manama (Bahrain)
Dec. '11- Feb 2012      - El Meridian Hotel, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
September 2011         - Mundo Oriental (Germany)
August 2011               - Summer Bellydance Festival (NL)
July 2011                    - Salamat Misr Festival, Cairo (Egypt)
June 2011                   - Mediterranean Festival, Marrakech (Morroko)
February-May 2011     - Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi (India)
January 2011              - Eilat Festival (Israel)
August  2010              - Epiclub, Beirout (Lebanon)
June-August 2010       - Baladna, Dubai (UAE)
February-May 2010     - Al Diar Siji Hotel, Al Fujaira(UAE)
Dec. 09- Feb. 2010      -Studio Masr, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
September 2009         - Al Awtar, Ras al Khaima (UAE)

Organized Festivals and Productions:
August 2017         - 7th International Summer Bellydance Festival (in process)
February 2017      - 1st Hollandse Bellydance Toppers - 'Het Spektakel' - Dutch Bellydance Top Stars Event
August 2016         - 6th International Summer Bellydance Festival

August 2015         - 5th International Summer Bellydance Festival
August 2014         
- 4th International Summer Bellydance Festival 
August 2013         - 3rd International Summer Bellydance Festival 
August 2012         - 2nd International Summer Bellydance Festival
August 2011         - 1st International Summer Bellydance Festival
* 1999 - 2009
June 2009             - Oriental Dance-Adventure (production)
November 2008    - 4th Oriental Lounge Spectacle (festival: worked with Sadie(USA))
October 2008        - Dance tour in Marrakech(Morocco)
February 2008      - Dance tour in Cairo(Egypt)
June 2007             - Indian Oriental Fantasy (production)
May 2007               - 3rd Oriental Lounge Spectacle (festival: worked with Marcela(Chilly/Spain) and Liza Laziza(Eg/Persia))
February 2007      - Dance tour in Cairo(Egypt)
May 2006               - 4th Multi-cultural Dance Adventure (production)
February 2006      - Dance tour in Cairo(Egypt)
November 2005    - 2nd Oriental Lounge Spectacle (festival: worked with Kamellia(Jp/Fr), Shahrazad(G) and Aladin el Kholy(Eg/G))
April 2004             - 3rd Multi-cultural Dance Adventure (production) was a benefit show, for the Tsunami victims in Thailand
November 2003    - 1st Lounge Spectacle (festival: worked with Mayody(Fr/Morocco) and Shahrazad(G/NL))
November 2002    - 2nd Multi-cultural Dance Adventure (production)
June 1999             - 1st Multi-cultural Dance Adventure



Oriental Dance:
Classical (can be with CD or with live orchestra)
Drum solo (can be with CD or with live drummer)
Balady (Egyptian Folk-dance)
Arabic Pop
Sword Dance
Veil Dance
Khaligy (hair-dance from the Gulf)

Gypsy Dance:
From the Balkan

Armenian Dance:
Classical Court Dance

Other Dances:
Persian Dance
Indian Dance (Bollywood)
Modern Dance

Anusch's Master teachers:

Modern Dance:
Eddy Morales (USA),
Bam Bam (USA)
Lisa Kelog (USA

Oriental Dance / Belly Dance:
Mahmouod Reda (Egypt),
Prof. Hassan Khalil (Egypt),
Suhaila Salimpour (USA),
Hassan Avivi (Egypt),
Prof. Lala Hakim (Egypt/Canada),
Liza Laziza (Persia /Egypt),
Mayodi (Morocco/France),
Shahrazad (Germany),
Kamellia (Japan/France),
Jillina (USA),
Sadie (USA),
Bozenka (USA),
Rachel Brice (USA),
Orit Maftsir (Israel),
Carinee (Lebanon),
and many others

Indian Dance:
Maya-Sapera (B)
Aartie Anuradha Jagmohan (NL)
Guru Jagdish Pandey (India)
Guru Ravindra Tomar (India) - certified in Dubai